About ATIB

A.T.I.B was established in 1997 as a Libyan banking institution under the name of “Al-Ahli Bank of Tripoli”.In 2007, the bank turned to a Libyan joint-stock company with a new management under the name “‘Assaray Trade and Investment Bank ”  (A.T.I.B) .In mid-2016 It is expected that the number of branches up to (5) branch.

The Bank also contributes (10%) in Tawasol a trading company of electronic technology as a strategic partner for financial solutions.

A.T.I.B offers a variety of products and services that serve its clients from the corporate sector and individuals, where A.T.I.B  funded a number of small and medium enterprises and in many vital and important sectors in Libya and a dedicated team working in A.T.I.B on the development of and to provide modern specific  products designed to serve the small and medium-sized companies, and the target groups of the Department of retail and individuals, as well as providing financial services treasury and investment sector.

In 2012, A.T.I.B appointed a new board of directors and a new General Manager of the Bank and the contract with one of the best global advisers in banks: Ernst & Young and their partners, to develop a new starting base to support the continued growth and development with a new strategy based on the strengths of A.T.I.B in areas where it has a competitive advantage.

A.T.I.B has been able to successfully in 2014 from the launch of several strategic projects including the implementation of modern banking system and a  development of the new corporate identity project and the development of the business environment and the level of services provided in sections, in addition to the development of banking services provided to members of the project. Where A.T.I.B by attracting qualified professional team of Libyan and foreign young talent, thereby strengthening the professional staff and develop meaningful plans to develop a generation of young Libyan leaders to follow the successes series and seeking to further prosperity and progress towards achieving the desired objectives in the coming years