ATIB Retail

Current accountsThe current account is an account that offers to  the customer the freedom to deposit and withdraw his money unconditionally.

Advantages of current accounts

Withdrawals and deposits in the account freely without restriction or condition in all ATIB`s branches.
The possibility of opening current accounts in hard currencies.
The possibility of Having a checkbook.
Obtain a debit card and electronic services.
The possibility of using ATIB’s e-commerce services.

Current account conditions

A minimum balance must be available on the current account. Otherwise commissions will be levied according to the general conditions governing the current account.
No interest is levied on the current account if the account is debtor.

Conditions for opening a current account at ATIB.

Be at least 18 years old.
A valid ID.
Certificates of the National Number issued by the services of the civil registry authority
A passport and residence permit valid for non-Libyans.
Not to be included on the black list of the Libyan central bank.
ATIB has the right to request additional documents if necessary.
Engagement de transfert du salaire mensuel sur le compte ouvert
Savings accounts

A savings account is a personal account whose help the customer to realize savings and have security for the needs in emergency case .

In savings accounts deposits and withdrawals are free at any time