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Despite the circumstances in Libya in recent years, our commitment to our core values ​​remains the same. And everything we do revolves around our core values ​​and our Libyan culture is behind our real strength and our advantage. We always strive to be the first choice for the best customers and employees of the Libyan banking sector.
 We pay particular attention to quality and customer service, as well as teamwork, trust, problem-solving methods. We strive to acquire knowledge and keep the spirit of “taking” leadership, which makes the difference and makes us worthy to continue to produce the best results.Working at the ATIBAt ATIB, we are always ready to offer our clients the best banking service offered by our experienced teams. We do not just hire our employees, we also provide them with a solid foundation to show their skills and abilities and aspirations by providing the best types of training and experience  to enable them to learn  and be able to Meet all banking  aspirations and  Development of the bank  sector and thus build our future.

ATIB Human Resources Strategy

One of the most important pillars of the Bank’s strategy is to increase the level of human resources by continually developing the skills of these resources to attract staff to new experiences and staff skills and increase their levels. The training policy, which can be summarized as follows:

* Attracting skills based on outstanding scientific expertise and efficiency research based on academic results for superior human resources.

* Submit our future employers to sharp scientific tests to verify professional competence.

* Develop the scientific knowledge and practice of existing employees to meet the needs of the company and to achieve the strategic orientations of the Bank and which depend on investments in human resources policy.

ATIB has recently re-established a transparent system to evaluate employee performance which is primarily intended to develop their professional level with upgrading to keep pace with our vision and our goals and come and achieve maximum success. Following this approach, we have adopted individual reward and incentive systems focused primarily on the degree of excellence and performance. It should be noted that, in accordance with the policies established by the Governing Body, the implementation of a comprehensive restructuring program was launched in early 2014,

Adopt a new and evolving organizational structure that fosters the tendency to address the client.

Focus on income-generating activities.

The development and modernization of the internal working environment with all its systems, policies, procedures and objectives contribute to the creation of a corporate culture oriented to performance and success to measure efficiency, Adopt traditional tasks Implementation.

Increase staff productivity and streamline business processes, resulting in higher costs and revenues and achievement of the Bank’s strategic objectives for increased profitability and rate of return.

Joining Assaray bank

Working with ATIB is more than just a job. This is an opportunity to join the most modern Libyan bank and a chance to qualify to excel and be able to show its potential. When we believe that human resources are an essential element for the success of the bank. For this, we seek to recruit highly qualified people to help us achieve our strategy and objectives.

If you have the necessary academic qualifications and you are a committed and ambitious person and you have the motivation to learn and develop yourself through work within a team characterized by its dynamism. Please use the site to send your CV to our HR team.