Money Transfer

Western Union Instant transfer Service

It is an immediate cash transfer service to and from Libya which offers customers the opportunity to send and receive money through more than 500,000 agents spread in 200 countries around the world At competitive prices.

Service Features

. Easy electronic fund transfers, fast and safe service, so as to reach the assignment within 10 minutes from Transfer order.
. Send remittances in US dollars only.
. The possibility of receiving mandates in Libyan dinars.
. The maximum transfer amount allowed is $ 1000.
. No need to have an account with ATIB to send or receive funds from Western Union.

The local transfer of funds

Receiving and sending funds between Libyan banks in Dinar

Benefits of Local Funds Transfer Service

. A very safe way to send and receive money in Libya.
. Fast service for transfers under 23 hours.

Transfers through the SWIFT payment service

It is a service for sending and receiving remittances through the SWIFT system. A global centralized system for mutual transactions between international banks that consists of electronic remittances through the adoption of international standards and a specific code for each bank called the SWIFT code.

Address for Assaray Bank for Trade and Investment ATIBLYLT

Benefits of Swift Service Remittances

. Guaranteed and safe means to receive and send money around the world.
. The issuance of mandates in all major currencies.
. Rapid implementation of transfers.
. Possibility of regular transfers by scheduling constant transfer instructions to the customer’s account.
. Transfer commission according to the categories of amounts.

Money transfer Conditions

An account at the ATIB is needed for sending and receiving money.
In order to send money the customer must provide the following information when filling in the application:

– Full name of the beneficiary
– Beneficiary title
– The amount and currency
– The purpose of the transfer
– Beneficiary Account Number
– Beneficiary Bank Name
– Beneficiary Bank title
– Sender’s account
– Swift code of the beneficiary bank